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A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a Franchise (Video)

Want to be your own boss and contemplating the franchise route? Buying and running your own business is a life-changing decision with the potential to provide you with the flexibility and returns you’re looking for. If all of [...]

The Future of Franchising – Report by Raconteur

In this, the second report by Raconteur on The Future of Franchising, we can read about corporate social responsibility within franchising as well as the potential costs involved when it comes to buying a franchise. An independent publication, the [...]

Top 10 tips for a successful recruitment franchise

Top 10 tips for a successful recruitment franchise Be fully engaged in your business at all times. This is not a part-time or ‘lifestyle’ business.  Nor should it be combined with other business activities. Have an absolute passion [...]

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John and Alison Griffiths – Driver Hire Taunton

John Griffiths with his wife Alison bought a Driver Hire greenfield site in Taunton in March 2007. Since then they’ve been steadily growing their recruitment franchise into a very successful and profitable business. Their goal is to maximise their investment [...]

Andrew Padgett – Driver Hire Ashford & Canterbury

Andrew Padgett joined Driver Hire as a franchisee in 1998. “Before deciding to buy a franchise I worked in retail sales for the local electric company,” says Andrew. “I got fed up with the politics of a large organisation and [...]

Ed Pockney – Uxbridge Franchise

Ed joined Driver Hire in November 2014, read about his story here: My business background is in derivatives and money-broking. Prior to buying my Driver Hire franchise I’d spent 28 years working in major financial centres around the world: London, [...]

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Driver Hire franchisees celebrate 25 year partnership

Driver Hire is celebrating a 25-year partnership with our Motherwell-based franchisees who operate under, Wilson Gibb Management Services Ltd (WGMS). WGMS was formed in 1992 by business partners Darrin Gibb and Hugh Wilson. They purchased their first Driver [...]

Business partners buy established Driver Hire Coventry franchise

Business partners, Richard Bannister and Jane Moses, have bought our established Driver Hire Coventry franchise. Previous owners, Tony and Linda Lucas, are retiring after seven successful years in charge. Both Jane and Richard have run their own businesses in [...]

Driver Hire’s parent company hits £150m turnover

Specialist People Services (SPS), the diversified recruitment group which owns Driver Hire, has hit a £150m turnover for the first time, driven by an increased demand for temporary labour in logistics and rail. The Bradford-based company recorded revenues [...]

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  • What is the annual turnover for the franchise industry?
  • How long does foundation training last at Driver Hire?

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  • John Griffiths

    “Becoming a Driver Hire franchisee has absolutely changed our lives! I’ve gained all the benefits of being self-employed: the opportunity to run and grow our business, the freedom it can bring and the ability to make decisions for ourselves. It’s certainly given me things I wouldn’t have had if I’d stayed employed.” John Griffiths, Taunton […]

  • Andrew Padgett

    “I still love what I do, so the plan is to continue. Retiring is not on my horizon at the moment. I’d certainly buy a Driver Hire franchise again knowing what I know now. One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most is building a team of people I can rely on and trust.” Andrew […]

  • “Being part of a network is great. I’ve learned a lot since joining Driver Hire, through the training provided and also from the other franchisees in the network.” Sarah Matthews, Lincoln Commenced 2009        

  • “To be honest, I’d never really considered the franchise option but once I looked at  the Driver Hire model it changed my mind. Driver Hire is very professional, has first-rate business processes and franchisees enjoy great backing to ensure we are successful.” Roy McLellan, Dundee Commenced 2009      

  • Jamie Williamson Driver Hire Portsmouth

    “My quality of life has improved. I’m the one in control of my own destiny. I’m no longer reliant on the decisions of others and boardroom red tape. I’d absolutely buy a Driver Hire franchise again and wish I’d looked at it a few years ago.” Jamie Williamson, Portsmouth Commenced January 2012

  • Driver Hire Uxbridge Franchisee Ed Pockney

    Whilst the financial side is key, I just enjoy running a Driver Hire franchise. We’ve taken people who were unemployed onto our books and found them full-time jobs. That’s an amazing feeling. I love hearing a client say to me: “He’s perfect for the job, can I keep him?” Ed Pockney, Uxbridge Commenced November 2014

  • “Buying a business is a daunting prospect but the help and support of a good franchisor is paramount, I can honestly say that I love being in this business. If you’re looking for variety and a constant challenge, this is the place to be.” Rowan Pritchard, Romford Commenced 2007      

  • “I’m delighted with the way things have gone so far. The support we get from Head Office is superb and we’ve especially benefitted from National Accounts. I’m confident that the future will bring even further growth and success for my business.” Gee Bains, London South East Commenced 2010      

  • Lee Dean, Driver Hire Warrington

    “This is a truly excellent company to be involved with. There is a real pride in the brand and I am extremely proud to be part of the Driver Hire Group.” Lee Dean, Warrington. Commenced 2015